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                                                                  Cake Pans

We have a very large selection of cake pans that will allow your imagination to run.  We have round pans, heart pans, square pans, specialty pans, character pans, etc.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you would like to place an order, please use the contact information found at the bottom of each page.  (For more cake pans, see the holiday sections.)  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Decorator Preferred  Decorator Preferred Sheet Pans Performance Pans 
Muffin Pans  Loaf Pans Springforms 
Specialty Bakeware Pans  Levelers Parchment


Decorator Preferred

Wilton's most popular bakeware - built with the most features to help decorators bake their best.  Compare these benefits. 

Straight Sides - Bake perfect 90 degree corners for the precise looking wedding cakes require.  Ordinary bakeware has rounded corners, giving cakes rounded edges. Grip Lip Edges - Extra-wide rims make heavy filled pans easy to handle.  Pure Aluminum - The best material for baking cakes - creates a light golden brown cake surface, beautiful for decorating.  Superior Thickness -  Thicker than ordinary bakeware, built to distribute heat evenly for more consistent baking.   Hand-Crafted Construction - Sheets and squares are hand-welded for excellent detail and durability.  Limited Lifetime Warranty - Superior construction and performance designed and guaranteed to last a lifetime.


What a selection of sizes - including the hard-to-find  18 inch Half Round, which lets you bake and ice two halves to create one 18 inch round cake.


 6 x 3 in. deep                      2105-6106                $ 9.99
 8 x 3 in. deep                      2105-6105                $10.99
10 x 3 in. deep                     2105-6104                $12.99
12 x 3 in. deep                     2105-6103                $16.49
14 x 3 in. deep                     2105-6102                $19.99



Ultimate heart cake is beautiful for showers, weddings, more!

6 x 2 in. deep                  2105-600             $ 7.99  
8 x 2 in. deep                  2105-601             $ 9.99 
10 x 2 in. deep                2105-602             $10.99
12 x 2 in. deep                2105-607             $12.99


Performance Pans

The classic aluminum pans - durable, even-heating and built to hold their shape through years of use.  Named Performance Pans since they perform beautifully.  These are great all-purpose pans.   You'll use them for casseroles, entrees, baked desserts and more.

Squares  Sheets 
Performance Pans Sets Sweetheart Pan


Square pans are great for cakes, brownies and entrees.  Find the right size for a single cake or a tiered masterpiece.  

6 x 2 in. deep             507-2180                 $ 8.99
8 x 2 in. deep            2105-8191                $10.99
10 x 2 in. deep          2105-8205                $12.99  
12 x 2 in. deep          2105-8213                $16.49 
14 x 2 in. deep          2105-8220                $20.99
16 x 2 in. deep          2105-8231                $22.99



 9 x 13 in.           2105-1308           $12.99  
11 x 15 in.          2105-158             $17.99  
12 x 18 in.          2105-182             $19.99


Performance Pans Sets

These are the classic shapes every baker needs.  They are in a convenient graduated-size sets, to help you create fabulous tiered cakes or individual cakes in exactly the size you want.  Quality aluminum holds it shape for years.  Each pan is 2 in. deep, except where noted.

Heart Pan Set 

Set includes a 6, 10, 12 and 14" pans.                        2105-606     $49.99 set of 4



Hexagon Pan Set

includes 6, 9, 12, 15 in. pans.                                      2105-3572    $49.99 set of 4


Pillow Pan Set

includes 6.75 x 6.75;  10 x 10;  13.25 x  13.25;                     plus heating  core for even baking in the largest pan.

2105-575          $49.99 set of 4

Diamond Pan Set

10.25 x 7.4 in;  15 x 11 in; and 19.25 x 14.25 in pans.

2105-4204            $49.99 set pf 3



Muffin Pans

With so many great muffin pans to choose from, you'll be making muffins - and cupcakes - more often.  You'll love our mini pans for the perfect brunch muffins and the jumbo size pan for bakery-style muffins and cupcakes.

Standard Muffin Pan Most popular size for morning muffins, after-school cupcakes, and desserts.  Cups are 3 in. diameter x 1 in. deep.  Aluminum.  

2105-9310      $18.99

Mini Muffin Pans

Great for brunches and large gatherings.  Try them for mini cheesecakes.  Cups are 2 in. x 3/4 in. deep.  Aluminum.

12 Cup  2105-2125     $12.99  

24 Cup  2105-9313     $19.99



Jumbo Muffin Pan

Make super-size cupcakes and muffins.          Six cups, each 4 x 2 in. deep. Aluminum.

2105-1820   $18.99

415-2503 White Jumbo Muffin Cups              $1.99  package of 50

Recipe Right 12 Cup Muffin Pan

Non-stick muffin pan.  Dishwasher safe.                        

2105-954           $6.99

Recipe Right 24 Cup Muffin Pan

Non-stick mini muffin pan.  

2105-914           $10.99


Loaf Pans

Long Loaf Pan

Legs provide support for cooling angel food cakes, breads or classic cakes. 16 x 4 x 4.5 in deep.    Aluminum. 

2105-1588        $15.49

Mini Loaf Pan

Everyone loves personal-sized nut breads or cakes.   Six cavities are    4.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 in.   Aluminum.

2105-9791     $11.99

Petite Loaf Pan

Great for single sized dessert cakes, frozen bread dough.   Nine cavities, each 2.5 x 3.38 x 1.5 in.  Aluminum.

2105-8466        $11.99



When shopping for a springform, you want strong construction and an easy-release design that will let you remove a perfect cheesecake every time.  Wilton springforms are built tough, with strong springlocks that hold up year after year.  The removable waffle-textured bottom design keeps crusts from sticking while distributing heat evenly; springlock releases sides.  Aluminum.

6 x 3 in. deep         2105-4437      $13.99

8 x 3 in. deep         2105-8464      $14.99

9 x 3 in. deep         2105-5354      $15.99

10 x 3 in. deep       2105-8465       $16.99


Specialty Bakeware Pans

Mini Star Pan  Classic Angle Food Pans
Ring Mold Pan Fancy Ring Mold Pan

Mini Star Pan

Mini Star Pan

Make your celebration brighter.  One cake mix makes 12 - 14 mini stars.

6 cavity pan is 14.5 x 11 in.

individual cakes are 4.75 in. diameter x  1.5 in. deep.

Aluminum        2105-1235         $14.99


Classic Angel Food Pans

Classic Angel Food Pans

If you're looking for a healthy dessert, you can't do better than angel food.  Removable inner core sleeve, cooling legs.  Aluminum.

7 x 4.5 in. deep takes 1/2 standard mix 2105-9311        $15.99

10 x 4 in. deep takes 1 standard mix        2105-2525         $18.99


Cooling Grids


Sturdy design will never rust. Great selection of popular sizes.

13 in. round         2305-130         $8.99 

10 x 16 in.           2305-128         $6.99

14.5 x 20 in.        2305-129         $9.99

Non-Stick Cooling Grids
10" x 16"            2305-228          $ 9.99 
4.25" x 20"         2305-229          $14.49



3 Pc. Stackable Nickel-Plated Grids  

Use singly or stack to save space while cooling three cake layers, pies or batches of cookies at the same time.    Individual grids    13.5 x 9.75 x 3 in. high;  stacked grids are 9 3/4 in. high.         

 2305-151        $14.49



Ultimate Cake Leveler

Ultimate Cake Leveler does it all-safe, precise cutting, easy height adjustment and convenient storage!  Complete instructions included.    Blade has 8 height adjustments.   Sliding sleeve locks handle securely.   Ergonomic handle gives you more control when cutting.  Precision stainless steel blade for effortless cutting with fewer crumbs.   Folds and stores in a snap!  Just slide the handle sleeve to unlock and fold in the sides.  Includes clamp to lock legs when folded and blade covers to store safely anywhere.

0415-800      $24.99


Cake Leveler

Place adjustable wire in notches to height desired and glide through the cake.  For cakes up to 10 in. wide x 2 in. high.

415-0165        $7.99




Professional grade, silicone-treated parchment is excellent for lining baking pans, making triangles for decorating, as message scrolls on cakes.  A non-fat alternative that saves clean-up time.  Roll out cookie dough between 2 sheets, dough wont stick and will easily transfer to your cookie sheet.  You can even reuse it for the next batch.  Oven safe to 400 degrees F. great in microwaves and the freezer.  Double roll contains 41 sq. feet (15 in. x 33 ft.)   Certified Kosher.

0415-680       $5.99


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