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Decorating Essentials

To help make your job of decorating a cake better and easier, we offer a full line of decorating bags, tips and couplers, as well as spatulas.  If you can not find what you are looking for, or would like to place an order, please use the contact information found at the bottom of each page. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Decorating Bags Tips and Couplers Spatulas 
Decorating Tools Decorating Sets & Press Sets Colored Dusts
Foodwriter Edible Markers Dessert Decorators Decorating Stands

 Decorating Bags

Featherweight Decorating Bags

The best quality bags for decorating with strong resilient seams to help them last for years!   Featherweight bags feel soft and comfortable in the hand - the polyester material becomes softer the more that bags are used.  Lightweight, strong and flexible, they'll never get stiff.  Coated to prevent grease from seeping through.   Dishwasher safe.   Instructions included; sold singly.

8 in.                404-5087               $3.29    
10 in.              404-5109               $4.79 
12 in.              404-5125               $5.79
14 in.              404-5140               $6.79 
16 in.              404-5168               $8.49    
18 in.              404-5184               $9.49


Disposable Decorating Bags

Just use the bags, then toss.  Strong, flexible plastic.                12 in. size fits standard tips and couplers. Also perfect for melting candy bits in the microwave.

2104-358         $4.99 for package of 12                     2104-1358        $7.49 for package of 24                         2104-1273       $13.99 package of 50 (dispenser box)

16" Disposable bags - Larger size lets you decorate longer without refilling the bag - great for piping borders on large cakes.  It's the only size bag to use with the Cake Icer Tip 789, for covering cakes fast.  Also perfect for melting and piping candy melts. 

2104-1357        $5.99  pkg. of 12                            

Also available are 12 in. disposable bags  (Not Wilton).      31-65    $0.25 each;     10 for $2.00;    100 for $15.00        31-42    $0.18 each;     10 for $1.50;    100 for $12.00


Parchment Triangles

Make your own disposable decorating bags with our grease-resistant vegetable parchment paper.  The professional's choice for convenience and quick bag preparation.

15 in.    2104-1508     Pk./100      $7.99


Icing Bag Ties

Convenient bands wrap around the twist of your decorating bag, then lock to prevent icing from oozing out of the top.  As you squeeze out icing, side the tie down to maintain the pressure.   Pk./12     

417-173        $4.49


Tips and Couplers

Decorating Tips work with standard bags and couplers, unless otherwise indicated.

Round Tips  Closed Star Tips  Multi-Opening Tips
Open Star Tips Leaf Tips Drop Flower Tips
Ruffle Tips Petal Tips Basket weave Tips 
Specialty Tips Left Handed Tip Sets

Round Tips

*Fits larger coupler   **Tip does not work with coupler. Use parchment or uncut bags only.


Closed Star Tips


*Fits larger coupler  **Tip does not work with coupler.  Use parchment or uncut bags only.

Multi-Opening Tips


*Fits larger couple.    **Tip does not work with coupler.  Use parchment or uncut bags only.

Open Star Tips

*Fits large coupler.    **Tip does not work with coupler.  Use parchment or uncut bags only.


Leaf Tips

*Fits large coupler.   **Tip does not work with coupler.  Use with parchment or uncut bags only.


Drop Flower Tips

*Fits large coupler.  **Tip does not work with coupler.  Use with parchment or uncut bags only.


Ruffle Tips

+For left-handed people   *Fits large coupler   **Tip does not work with coupler.  Use parchment or uncut bags only. 


Petal Tips

*Fits large coupler.   **Tip does not work with coupler.  Use parchment or uncut bags only.


Basket Weave Tips

*Fits large coupler.   **Tip does not work with coupler.  Use with parchment or uncut bags only.


Specialty Tips

*Fits large coupler.   **Tip does not work with coupler.  Use parchment or uncut bags only.


Left Handed Tip Sets

Now left-handers can achieve the same beautiful flowers as right-handed decorators!  Nickel-plated.  Brass tips fit standard bags and couplers.



Standard fits all decorating bags and standard tips.   411-1987    $0.79

Use large coupler with large decorating tips and 14 to 18 in. Featherweight bags. 411-1006     $1.79

Tip Brush

Great for cleaning small tip openings.  Plastic bristles.          1/4 x 4 in. long.     

418-1123          $1.59

Tip Saver

Restores bent tips to their proper shape; opens clogged tips.  Place tip over the pointed or cone-shaped end, put on cover and twist back and forth to reshape.   Heavy-duty plastic.  

414-909      $3.49


Tip/Coupler Dishwasher & Storage Bag

Place nylon mesh bag in dishwasher silverware rack for easy tip and coupler cleaning.   Tips not included.   Pkg./2       5.75 x 6 in.

417-1640           $3.29

Empty Tip Organizer

Holds 55 standard-size tips and allows for nesting of up to three tips.  Separate compartment holds couplers, flower nails and oversized tips.  The storage tray rests on its lid to maximize  space and is angled for easy viewing.  Stacks conveniently with the Icing Color Organizer (sold separately).                   1.75 in. x 8.75 in. x 7 in.      $12.99       405-8784

Tip Saver Cases

26 cavity         $7.99

52 cavity         $8.49

Silicone Decorating Tip Cover Set

With convenient silicone covers, icing won't dry out in your bag between uses.   They fit snugly over all standard and most large tips to keep air out.  Tips must be clean and dry for a good fit.   Top rack dishwasher safe.   Pk./6    

414-916     $6.49


Decorating Bag Holder

Keep icing bags organized and in easy reach of your decorating workspace.  Openings hold up to six decorating bags form 8 in. to 16 in.  The built-in, snug flower nail grips grasp nails for easy one-handed use.  Stable legs smoothly lock into place and fold to maximize storage space.  Silicone feet prevent the holder from sliding.              6.5 in. x 11.25 in. x 4.5 in. 

417-1186        $14.99

Icing Bag Ties

Convenient bands wrap around the twist of your decorating bag, then lock to prevent icing from oozing out of the top.  As you squeeze out icing, side the tie down to maintain the pressure.   Pk./12     

417-173        $4.49

Icing Color Organizer

Holds 20 color jars, either 1/2 oz or 1 oz.   Additional storage area for toothpicks.  Jars are held vertically to eliminate mess.  Angled tray lid allows for easy color viewing.  Lid stacks under the base to maximize work space.

405-8783        $12.99

Ultimate Tool Caddy (unfilled)

The only caddy custom-made for Wilton tools.  With this caddy, all your Wilton tools are in the perfect place.  All its specialized spaces keep your supplies protected and organized.  Pegs stack tips upright for easy identification.   Flip-top holders provide easy access to couplers and other tip supplies.  Three section drawers give you nine spaces to organize any way you want.   Icing color drawer cradles each jar to prevent spills.  Oversized drawer with dividers stores large items or create three new compartments!  Spatula slots keep blades straight and stable.       409-3071         $59.99

Decorator Preferred Carry-All Tote

The sturdy base keeps the tote standing upright whether empty or filled.  The separators divide the tote into three compartments to hold items.  The smaller inner side pockets are perfect for pens, Foodwriter color markers or other tools.  Zipper pockets and pouches are perfect for cell phones, car keys and credit cards.  Padded roomy inner pouch is large enough for a tablet, yearbook, etc.   Plus, grease-resistant lining zips open and wipes clean with a damp cloth.  Tote measures   13 in. x 14.75 in. x 9 in.                          409-3076        $39.99



Comfort Grip - Decorate with greater comfort, more control and less fatigue, thanks to contoured handle with finger pad.  Flexible stainless steel blade is perfect thickness for gliding over icing.

Straight Blade      

11 in.           409-7715          $ 6.99             9 in.             409-7713          $ 4.99

Angled Blade      

 9 in.            409-7712          $ 4.99

Tapered Blade                                          8 in.             409-7714         $4.99 



Square Head Spatula                        Square end allows for a clean angle when icing the sides of cake.   11 in.     $6.99     409-6039


Decorating Tools

#7 Flower Nail

Provides the control you need when piping icing flowers.  Just rotate the nail between your thumb and fingers as you pipe a flower  on the head.  Stainless steel.   1 1/2 in. wide.

402-3007            $1.49

Lily Nail Set

Essential for making cup flowers.    Includes .5 in., 1.25 in., 1.58 in. and 2.5 in. diameter cups.   Plastic.   Set/8.

403-9444            $2.49

Flower Nail Templates

Convenient stickers guide you to create perfectly formed flowers!  Stick a template  on your nail, add a piece of waxed paper and you're ready to decorate.   Includes four template styles used to create five popular icing flowers, including daffodils, apple blossoms and primroses, violets and roses  (two sheets, 12 templates of each design).  Set/48.

414-1000          $3.99


Flower Lifter

Easily transfers butter cream flowers from nail to cake without damage.  Angled design keeps your hands from touching  the cake.  Detachable blades for easy cleaning.   Plastic.                5.25 in. long.

417-1199              $3.49

Garland Marker

Adjusts to seven preset widths and varying depths to easily mark perfectly uniform garland on cake sides.  Plastic.  Instructions included.

409-812             $4.79

Cake Dividing Chart

A great tool to use when paired with the cake marker.  The reusable chart measures precise divisions of iced cakes helping decorators to divide cakes into  symmetrical, even sections.  Ideal for guiding string work, garlands and many other decorating techniques.                   20 in.  x 20 in.     409-2554      $9.99

Decorating Triangle

Each side adds a different contoured effect to iced cakes.  Easy to hold.   Plastic.  5 x 5 in.

417-162              $1.29


Icing Comb Set

Includes 3 icing combs with two patterns on each comb for a total of 6 designs.  Comfortable hand grip is molded in.   Sized specifically for standard cake heights.   Combs snap together for easy storage.

417-1154           $14.99


Icing Smoother

Stainless steel blade, sized specifically for ease of use.  Comfortable hand grip is molded to the surface so the decorator knows where to hold the product.  Flat bottom gives an easy surface to rest along the side of the cake.

417-1648     $9.99


Easy-Glide Smoother

Essential tool for shaping and smoothing rolled fondant on your cake.  Works great on top, edges and sides!  Shapes fondant to sides of cake so that no puffed areas appear.  Trim any excess with a sharp knife.  6 1/4 in long x 3 1/4 in wide.

1907-1200         $5.99



Decorator Sets & Press Sets

Deluxe Tip Set

Includes 22 metal decorating tips;             1 1/4 in. flower nail #9; tip coupler;  plastic tip saver case.    Set/25.

2104-2531          $29.99

Master Tip Set

Includes 55 metal decorating tips; 
Two standard couplers; two 1 1/4 in. flower nails #9; plastic tip saver case.  Set/59.

2104-00240          $59.99


Press Set

88-Piece Number/Letter Set

Includes 85 number/letter symbols.           2104-00236      $19.99


Colored Dusts


Brush edible accents onto your fondant, gum paste or royal icing decorations with a soft brush, or mix with pure lemon extract to paint vibrant color onto your decorations.  Edible; Certified Kosher (except Orchid Pink and Lilac Purple).   .05 oz. bottle     $4.49  

Wilton Pearl Dust                                                                                                   

Leaf Green             703-215 Yellow               703-213
Lilac Purple            703-221 Bronze               703-214
Sapphire Blue         703-222 Orchid Pink        703-217
Ruby Red               703-223 Silver                 703-218
Gold                      703-216 White                 703-219
Black                     703-224


CK Luster Dust     

Gives subtle color with a high sheen metallic-like finish.  2 grams.  Contains two or more of the following: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide Carmine, Mica.  Not water soluble.  Please note those colors indicated by * contain Iron Blue or Chromium Oxide and must be labeled "for decorative use only."                                                                                        

We keep the following colors in stock:   Coral, Orchid Pink, Super Red, Super Green, Antique Green, Super Blue, Claret, Burgundy, Old Gold, Nusilver, Brown, Canary Yellow, Tulip Red, Silk White, Peacock Blue, Mauve and Shrimp.    All other colors can be ordered for you.   Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.       $3.79 each.


Wilton Color Dust

Give gum paste, fondant and royal icing flowers a deep matte finish.  Creates natural shading that adds depth to your flowers.  Easy to use, just brush onto your decoration with a soft brush.  Or mix with imitation clear vanilla extract or pure lemon extract to paint on to your decoration.   Use individually or blend with other colors of Color Dust or Pearl Dust to create custom shades.  Edible; Certified Kosher (except for Deep Pink and Purple).   .05 oz. bottle.     $4.49

White               703-100 Brown                     703-106
Red                   703-101 Periwinkle Blue        703-107
Deep Pink          703-103 Goldenrod               703-108
Orange              703-104 Spruce Green           703-109
Purple               703-105 Lime Green              703-110 


CK Petal Dust

Developed for the cake decorating industry.  Petal Dusts contain only ingredients that are NON-TOXIC and are ideal for use with gumpaste or rolled fondant.   These dusts are not a food product and should not be considered as such.  Intended for use in the dry form, they may also be mixed with oil-based flavorings or alcohol for painting and highlighting.  For a more permanent application, liquefy with Tylose gum glue or confectioner's glaze. Used to achieve deeper hues with a matte finish.  Certified Non-Toxic.  Water soluble.    4 grams.

We have the following colors in stock:  Cosmos, Magenta, Lavender, Lilac, Royal Blue, Violet, Peach, Flesh, Poppy Red, Orange, Forest Green, Rose Pink, Pink, Charcoal Black, Aquamarine, Marine Blue, Kelly Green, Watermelon, Flame, Sunflower, Teal and Light Green.    All other colors are available by special order.   Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.        $3.79 each. 


CK Disco Dust

Disco Dust is an extra fine glitter with lots of sparkle.  5 grams.  Developed for the cake decorating and craft industry.  Disco dusts contain only ingredients that are NON-TOXIC.   These dusts are not a food product and should not be considered as such.

We have the following colors in stock:  White, American Blue, American Red, Kelly Green, Lilac, White Rainbow, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Yellow Citrine, American Gold, American Silver, Miami Orange, Baby Green, Blue Rainbow, Orange Crush, Pink Rose and Hot Pink.   All other colors can be ordered.  Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.         $5.79 each.


Foodwriter Edible Markers

Foodwriter Edible Markers

Use edible markers to add fun and dazzling color to countless foods.  Decorate on Wilton Cookie Icing, fondant, color flow and royal icing designs.  Brighten everyday foods, like toaster pastries, cheese, fruit slices, bread and more.   Each set includes five .07 oz. Food Writer pens.   Certified Kosher.    $8.49

Fine Tip Primary Colors       609-100         Bold Tip Primary Colors       609-115         Fine Tip Neon Colors           609-116

Extra Fine Tip Set                609-105        For fine detailing.


Dessert Decorators            

Dessert Decorator Pro

It's easy to add beautiful decorations to any dessert or appetizer in minutes!  Designed for comfortable one-handed decorating and effortless tip positioning, this is the most convenient dessert tool you'll ever use.  Create beautiful decorations - shells, stars, rosettes, leaves.   The  recipe book included is filled with fabulous ideas to serve your family and friends.  Decorate desserts with elegant whipped cream or icing designs.  Dress up pasty shells with dramatic swirls of mousse. With the Dessert Decorator Pro, you can do it all.   415-850    $34.99


Dessert Decorator Plus

Dessert Decorator Plus

It's easy to add beautiful decorations to any dessert or appetizer in minutes!  

415-0906     $14.99

     2 couplers to hold both small and large tips. 

5 precision tips to create shells, beads, bows, leaves, filled cupcakes and more!


Decorating Stands

Tilting Cake Turntable

The ultimate in turntable design.  It's perfect for placing cut-out designs, piping borders, writing and more.  Ideal for both left- and right-handed decorators. 18 different locking plate positions.  12" top plate detaches completely from  turntable base.  Smooth plate rotation.  Non-slip soft grip design molded into plate surface securely keeps cake in place.  5" high, durable construction with balanced weight and non-slip feet.  Large push button for easy plate release and adjustment.  Holds cakes up to 11" with platform visible - holds larger cakes if needed.

307-121         $79.99

Trim-N-Turn PLUS Turntable

Decorate with more convenience and control with this turntable.  It's smooth turning performance puts your cake in the ideal position for decorating beautiful border and icing sides perfectly smooth.  Non-slip base is raised for better control; arched sides for easy lifting; removable 12 in. platform for easy cleaning; Hidden ball-bearing track for smooth turning; Holds cakes up to 11 in. with platform visible - holds larger cakes if needed.

307-303    $14.99

Trim-N-Turn ULTRA Turntable

It combines an extra-high, smooth-turning platform with non-slip detail for secure performance.  The easy-locking platform keeps your cake steady as you create delicate flowers and writing.  Platform turns in either direction for easy icing, borders, combing and leveling.  Great for left-hand or right-hand users.   Please see additional features listed under the "PLUS" turntable above.

307-301            $22.99 


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