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To help celebrate this holiday, we offer various candy molds, cake pans, and more.  Please browse the following samplings to view a few of the items we offer.  If you can not find what you need, please the bottom of each pace for contact information.  Prices are subject to change without notice. To place an order, please contact via e-mail or telephone.

Candy Molds  Cake Pans  Decorator Icing Items
Baking Cups  Cookie Cutters Picks
Party Bags  Icing Decorations  Confetti 
Sprinkles   Non-Pareils Sugars

Candy Molds

Please see other holiday sections and the candy section for additional molds.  Chocolate molds are $2.00 each (except for the 2-piece molds) unless listed differently.





Cross              832         Cross             1037          
Cross           3010       
2 piece mold      $3.79
Rabbit Pretzel Mold              421P    






Rabbit Box Mold          1413          

Rabbits             421           

Rabbit             3003                    
2 pc. mold       $3.99
Sitting Rabbit    1 oz.    2 1/2"   
2008      2 pc. mold         $1.99


Rabbit      4 3/4" tall      4 oz.           
2004R       2 pc. mold       $3.49
Rabbit    3 1/2" Tall    1 3/4 oz   
2007R      2 pc. mold      $2.99
Rabbit   6" tall     10 oz.                      2016       2 pc. mold        $3.79 Lamb     3 1/4" x 3 1/4"                 2045R     2 pc. mold        $3.59


Rabbit     3 1/2" tall      4 oz.        2022      2 pc. mold      $3.79

Duck          3002                            2 pc. mold       $3.79

Rabbit - 8" Tall    2018R                2 pc. mold     $5.99 Rabbit - 5 3/4" Tall                         2019R     2 pc. mold      $5.49



Rabbit w/Basket    5 3/4"   8oz.   2015R   2 pc. mold       $5.49 3 D - Ducks         453   
3 - D Rabbits - Large                   446         

Rabbits - Small and Medium         446A         


Rabbits - Bite Size          432          Lambs - Bite Size           433          
Large Easter Eggs       E-17        Large Egg             430-C      


Plain Eggs                             460         



Easter Assortment            474            Long Eared Bunny            E-2          
Easter Assortment         E-10         Bunnies & Ducks    1/2 oz.       411     


Rabbit Lollipop        E-194 Bunny, Duck & Chicken Suckers        473        
Carrot Pretzels                       E-452         Carrot Sucker                         90-2257        


Sitting Rabbit - Bite Size                436         

Little Ducks      90-2033         

Ducks                                  90-2399          Chick w/Bonnet Sucker                    90-2271           


Chubby Bunny Sucker                     471         Basket of Eggs Sucker           E012        



Decorated Eggs Sucker              3 designs, 3 cavities. 2115-1497       $1.99

Easter Cookie Mold                                 2 designs, 8 cavities.                 2115-1426           $1.99

Hoppy Easter Pretzel                 2 designs, 6 cavities. 2115-1419       $1.99 Hatching Chick Pretzel                           2 designs, 6 cavities.                    2115-1495           $1.99



Happy Bunny Sucker         E052         Bunny Sucker          E033         
Rabbit Lollipop       90-2281 Long Earred Bunny Lollipop     E35         


Lamb Lollipop         E-187        Lamb              839          



Lamb    Lollipop              E157    

Rabbits           90-2520        


Cross Cookie            1610          Rabbit Cookie          1605    


Hard Candy Molds

Hard candy molds are $2.50 each unless listed differently.

Rabbit Sucker                       8H-2281         Lamb Sucker                             8H-2255        


Lambs - Bite Size                            8H-2012          Rabbits - Bite Size                    8H-2002        
Easter Assortment                  8H-2114   2 1/2" Rabbit Sucker               8H-2279      


Egg Sucker                                            8H-2248       Chick with Bonnet Sucker                    8H-2271      


Cake Pans


Truly inspiring for the holidays, christenings, and other religious occasions.  Bevel design is excellent for rolled fondant.  Instructions included.  One mix pan 14 1/2 x 11 1/8 x 2 in. deep.  Aluminum.

2105-2509        $9.99



Step-by-Step Bunny Pan

Just what you need to get springtime celebrations hopping--just bake, ice and decorate!  He's also perfect for molded gelatin, ice cream, salads and more.  One mix pan is 9 3/4" x 14 x 2 in. deep.   Aluminum.       

2105-2074     $7.49



Mini Bunny 

Bake six treats quick as a bunny!  One mix makes about 12 - 16 bunnies,   each 4 1/2 x  3 1/2 x 1 1/2 in. deep.   Aluminum. 

2105-4426       $9.99

Non-Stick Bunny Pan

2105-1551        $11.99


Stand Up Lamb 

A gentle symbol of springtime.  This 3 dimensional lamb will charm everyone at your Easter table.  Instructions included.  Two-piece pan is 10 x 7 in. high and takes 6 cups of pound cake batter.  Aluminum.

2105-2010     $14.49 for the 2 piece set



3-D Egg 

Hatch a great Easter centerpiece!  Two-piece pan takes just one cake mix.  Includes a ring base for level baking.  Each half is 8 3/4 x 5 3/8 in.  Aluminum.

2105-4793       $14.49  4 piece set.



3-D Bunny Pan

Sure to get everyone's attention at your holiday brunch and beyond.  Instructions for 5 different decorating ideas included.  Two-piece pan is 7 1/4 x 7 x 4 3/4 in.  Pan takes    4 1/2 cups of pound cake batter.  No heating core needed.   Aluminum.

2105-2042       $14.49


Decorator Icing Items

Decorating Icing Tubes

The same high quality as our Ready-to-Use Icings, in a convenient tube.  Create flowers, borders and more.  Ideal for small areas of color on character cakes.  Use with the Tip set or Coupler Ring Set and any standard size tip (not included).  Colors match Wilton Icing Colors.   4.25 oz.   Certified Kosher.    $2.29   

Red                    704-218
Violet                 704-242
Yellow                704-236 
Orange               704-212 
Pink                   704-230
Royal Blue           704-248
Leaf Green          704-224
Kelly Green         704-227
Chocolate           704-254
White                 704-200
Black                   704-200
Striped Icing Tubes

Create fun 2-color decorations in colors perfect for the season.   Tubes can be used with our Tip and Nail Set or Coupler Ring Set and Wilton metal tips.  The larger sized star, petal or leaf tips optimize the two-tone effect.   4.25 oz.     $2.49

Red/White            704-203                           Pink/Lavender       704-217


Sparkle Gel

Make your cake decorations more dynamic!  Squeeze on sparkling color effects.  Great for dots, messages, water effects and fondant accents.  Resealable 3.5 oz. tubes.    Certified Kosher.      $2.99


Icing Writer

Squeeze colorful accents onto fondant and Wilton Cookie Icing with this ready-to-use icing!   It's easy to control, just squeeze the bottle and icing flows smoothly from the built-in round tip.  Dries to a smooth satin finish.    3 oz. bottle.            Certified Kosher.     $2.99


Color Mist

This easy to use spray gives decorators the versatility and dazzling effects of an airbrush in a convenient can!  Creates a rainbow of excitement for so many desserts. Use it to transform a plain iced cake with sensational color, add splashes of holiday color to iced cookies and cupcakes. Great for party desserts - highlighting whipped cream topping, or ice cream with color.  No mess, taste-free formula; add a little color or a lot.  Certified Kosher.    1.5 oz. can    $3.29

Available colors are:                                                                            

Red                 710-5500
Blue                710-5501
Yellow             710-5502
Green              710-5503 
Violet              710-5504
Pink                710-5505
Black               710-5506  
Orange             710-5507



Baking Cups

Baking cups are microwave-safe paper.   Standard packs of 75 and mini cups are packs of 100 for $2.09.                                      

Fuzzy Bunny                              Standard      415-163                         Mini             415-164 Assorted Pastels                           Contains 25 pink, yellow, &blue. Standard       415-394      Mini              415-2123
Hop-N-Tweet                            Standard    415-1126                               Mini           415-1125 Sweet Spring                                    Standard         415-0920                       Mini                415-0921


Cookie Cutters

Comfort Grip Cookie Cutters

These easy-grip stainless steel cutters with extra-deep sides are perfect for cutting so many favorite foods into spectacular shapes.  The cushion grip gives you comfortable control even when cutting thick desserts.  Recipe included.  Each are 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x     1 1/2 in. deep

Bunny Face    2310-626       $3.19

Chick            2310-625        $3.19


Egg      2310-649     $3.19 Rabbit     2310-659      $3.19


4-Pc. Grippy Cutter Set

Approx.  3.5 in.   Set/4

2311-258       $4.49


All metal cutters are $0.99 unless otherwise marked.

Egg                              3"    3420                  5"    3422      3"  Chick             3357       3" Sitting Rabbit      54-15103   3" Chick            2308-1000


Cross                             3"     3320                      Mini  1671       3" Cross                  2308-1018 3"      Basket                              1305          $1.29


4"  Carrot            1275         Rabbit                               3"       3307                         5"       3300        3 1/2"  Standing Rabbit         1205     




Easter Cupcake & Cookie Stencils   

Just place one of the 8 fun designs over your baked or iced treat, then sprinkle with colored sugar, sprinkles or spray with Color Mist food color spray.  Set/8

417-496     $2.19




Cross Pick


C-3A      $1.09 each


Rabbit Picks


E-31     $.15 each


Rabbit Picks


E-36     $0.15 each


Egg Picks

E-108     $0.15 each



Rabbit Face


E-5     $0.99 each



Party Bags

Colorful Easter designs for candy and cookie treats.  Plastic bags with ties included.  4 x 9 1/2 in.  Each package contains 20 bags w/ties.     $2.09.

Sweet Spring              1912-0923 Eggs      pkg./25                         3 x 1 3/4 x 6 3/4           $2.49       3 1/2 x 2 1/4 x 8 1/4     $2.99


Icing Decorations

Icing Decorations are perfect for topping cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream.  Mint-flavored.    Certified Kosher.

Bunnies        710-054        $2.29



We have the following confetti to complete your creation.  The confetti is $1.75 for a 3 oz. package.

Eggs  Easter Assortment Mini Pink Bunny Faces
Carrots Lavender Bunny Faces



In addition to the following colors of sprinkles, please check out the Candy Topping section on the Candy page for more colors.    $1.99 - 8 oz.

Pink Lavender Yellow
Light Green Easter Mix



In addition to the following colors of non-pariels, please check out the Candy Topping section on the Candy page for more colors.    $1.99 - 8 oz.

Lavender White Yellow



In addition to the following colors of sugar, please check out the Candy Topping section on the Candy page for more colors.    $1.99 - 8 oz.

Pink Light Pink Blue Pastel Blue
Yellow Pastel Yellow Purple Lavender
Light Green Dark Green White Pastel Lavender


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