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Food Colors

With our selection of food colors, you will be able to make your cake pop with the color or colors that will make you a true artist.   If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you would like to place an order, please use the contact information found at the bottom of each page.  There is a large selection of edible glitter, sanding sugar, sprinkles, etc. in the candy section.   Prices are subject to change without notice.

Gel Food Colors  Wilton Food Colors    Gel Color Sets
Liquid Gel Colors Airbrush Colors Brush-On Colors
Icing Writer

Gel Food Colors

The Gel Food Colors are $1.49 per bottle.

Black Brown Leaf Green Forest Green
Lemon Yellow Golden Yellow Sky Blue Royal Blue
Rose Pink Peach Orange Ivory
Baker's Rose Teal Christmas Red Mint Green

We have the following dramatic colors that are available for $1.79 per bottle.

Super Red Red Red Deep Pink
Violet Purple


Wilton Food Colors

Each Wilton Food Color is $2.29 per bottle.

Buttercup Yellow Rose Copper Ivory
Cornflower Blue Burgundy Terra Cotta Moss Green
Delphinium Blue Creamy Peach Kelly Green Rose Petal 
Daffodil Yellow Juniper Green No Taste Red


White-White Icing Color

Stir in to whiten icings made with butter or margarine.  Perfect for wedding cakes 2 oz.  Certified Kosher.

603-1236     $2.99



Icing Color Organizer

Icing Color Organizer

Holds 20 color jars, either 1/2 oz or 1 oz.   Additional storage area for toothpicks.  Jars are held vertically to eliminate mess.  Angled tray lid allows for easy color viewing.  Lid stacks under the base to maximize work space.

405-8783        $12.99


Gel Color Sets

 8-Icing Colors Set

1/2 oz. jars of icing colors: Lemon Yellow, Sky Blue, Christmas Red, Brown, Orange, Violet, Pink and Leaf Green.  Certified Kosher.

601-5577       Set of 8       $10.99


12-Icing Colors Set

Our most popular collection!  Create the spectrum of primary colors; skin tones; teal and burgundy.  Colors in 1/2 oz. jars include Lemon Yellow, Teal, No-Taste Red, Brown, Copper (Lt. Skin Tone), Violet, Pink, Burgundy, Golden Yellow, Royal Blue, Black, Kelly Green.  Certified Kosher.

601-5580      Set of 12       $14.99


Liquid Gel Colors

The 2.3 oz. Liquid Gel Colors are as priced below:

Sky Blue                $3.49 Black                      $3.99
Super Red             $3.99 Forest Green           $3.49
Fuchsia Red           $2.99 Golden Yellow         $3.49
Violet                   $3.99 Teal                        $3.49
Leaf Green            $3.69 Red Red                  $3.99
Lemon Yellow        $3.49 Burgundy                 $3.49
Royal Blue             $3.69 Flesh Tone               $3.29 
Christmas Red       $3.49 Orange                    $3.49
Rose Pink              $3.49 Brown                     $3.49
Neon Blue             $3.59 Neon Green             $3.59
Neon Orange         $3.99 Neon Pink                $4.99
Neon Purple          $3.99  Neon Yellow            $3.99

The following colors are available in the 10 1/2  oz. size:  

Sky Blue                   $11.99
Royal Blue                $11.99
Super Red                $13.99
Red Red                   $13.99
Violet                      $11.99
Harvest Brown          $10.99
Leaf Green               $11.99
Black                        $13.99
Lemon Yellow           $10.99
Sunset Orange           $10.99
No Fade Pink             $18.99


Airbrush Colors

We also have a large selection of Airbrush Colors that come in a 2 oz. bottle at $2.49 each.   

White                   Sunset Orange       
Hawaiian Blue      Midnight Black       
Spring Green          Super Red          
Canary Yellow         Violet                                              
Harvest Brown        Purple               
Blushing Pink         Flesh Tone          
Royal Blue              Dark Green           


Shimmer Airbrush Colors          4 oz. bottles        $12.49 each

Colors available are red, blue, purple, yellow, silver, gold, pink, lavender, pearl, neon bright pink, neon bright blue and neon bright green.


Brush On Color

Color Dust

Give gum paste, fondant and royal icing flowers a deep matte finish.  Creates natural shading that adds depth to your flowers.  Easy to use, just brush onto your decoration with a soft brush.  Or, mix with Wilton Imitation Clear Vanilla Extract or Pure Lemon Extract to paint on to your decoration.  Use individually or blend with other colors of Color Dust or Pearl Dust to create custom shades.  Edible; Certified Kosher (except Deep Pink and Purple).  .05 oz. bottle   $4.49

Pearl Dust

Creates rich, lustrous highlights on flowers, bows, letters and more.   Easy to use, just brush onto your decoration with a soft artist brush. Or, to paint decorations, stir the pearl dust into a small amount of lemon extract and brush onto your decorations.  Edible; Certified Kosher (except Orchid Pink and Lilac Purple).  .05 oz. bottle     $4.49


Icing Writer

Squeeze on colorful accents-flowers, swirls, messages and more-with this ready to use icing!  It's easy to control for precise decorating; Just squeeze the bottle and icing flows easily from the built-in round tip.   Trace imprinted shapes made with Cut-Outs or draw dazzling freehand designs.  Dries to a smooth, satin finish.          3 oz. bottles.     Certified Kosher.    $2.99

710-2225       Red 710-2229       Green
710-2226       Yellow 710-2230       Pink
710-2227       Blue 710-2231       Violet
710-2228       White


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