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Fondant Essentials

Make all your gum paste and fondant flowers, borders and embellishments come to life with the various, quality Wilton tools and accessories.    If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you would like to place an order, please use the contact information found at the bottom of each page.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Flower Making Fondant/Gum Paste Tools Cutters & Molds
Gum Paste/Fondant Molds Edible Markers Sugar Sheets


Flower Making

Gum Paste Flower Cutter Set

Make cut petals and leaves used to make exquisite gum paste flowers like stargazer lilies, roses and cymbidium orchids with the great variety of cutters and ejectors included.  Cutters are comfortable to hold, with a contoured top and precise cutting edges.  Ejectors cut blossom and hydrangea shapes then imprint beautiful texture on both sides using the custom Impression Strips.  The full-color trilingual instruction book includes step-by-step instructions for 13 of the most popular gum paste flowers. Set includes 19 cutters, 4 ejectors and 2 accessories.

2109-0054             $29.99

Rose Leaf Cut and Press Set

Make fondant or gum paste designs in just seconds.  It's easy: just roll out fondant, gum paste or a 50/50 mixture, cut with the rectangular cutting edge, then place on inside of press bottom, cover with top and press to imprint design.  Includes two-piece cutter/press and instructions.

1907-1300     $6.99

Button Flower Cut and Press Set

Make fondant or gum paste designs in just seconds.  It's easy: just roll out fondant, gum paste or a 50/50 mixture, cut with the rectangular cutting edge, then place on inside of press bottom, cover with top and press to imprint design.  Includes two-piece cutter/press and instructions.

1907-1306          $6.99


Rose Bases

Plastic bases let you wrap around a strip of gum paste to form the perfect rose base.  Bottom opening for adding florist wire.  Includes 12 each 1 x .5 inch and 1.125 x .75 in.

1005-4453        $5.99


Flower Stamen Assortment

Includes 60 each Pearl, Fluffy and Glitter.  May be tinted (except Pearl) with Wilton Icing Colors added to vanilla.  2.5 in. long.   Pk./180

1005-410           $3.49

Color Stamen Set

Finish your flowers with beautiful, natural-looking stamens in three pretty colors.  Includes 60 each yellow, white and orange.  2.125 in. long.  Pk./180

1005-4452         $3.49

Lily Stamen Set

Create lifelike lilies with trim-to-fit lily stamen clusters in three natural colors!  Includes 10 each pink, yellow and brown.  2.125" long.    Pk./30      1005-4451     $3.49


Fondant and Gum Paste Tools

Cake Dividing Chart

A great tool to use when paired with the cake marker.  The reusable chart measures precise divisions of iced cakes helping decorators to divide cakes into  symmetrical, even sections.  Ideal for guiding string work, garlands and many other decorating techniques.                  20 in. x 20 in.     409-2554      $9.99


Wide Glide Rolling Pin

Its extra-wide, smooth design is perfect for covering cakes with rolled fondant.  The non-stick surface makes handling large pieces of fondant easy--just dust the surface with confectioner's sugar and roll out fondant to the size you need, then use the rolling pin to lift the fondant from your work surface to the cake. Great for rolling out pastry dough and pie crusts, too.       20 x 1 1/2 in diameter.

1907-1210       $22.99

Perfect Height Rolling Pin

Roll out fondant evenly, at the perfect thickness for easy cutting and shaping with this non-stick roller.  Roll to the perfect 1/8in. height used for cutting many fondant decorations, using the slide on glide rings. This rolling pin is easy to handle-- just the right size for preparing small amounts of fondant to place on your cake.  Perfect for use with Fondant Multi Packs and Cut-Outs.  9 x 1 in. diameter.

1907-1205  $6.99   for a set of 3



Icing Smoother

Stainless steel blade, sized specifically for ease of use.  Comfortable hand grip is molded to the surface so the decorator knows where to hold the product.  Flat bottom gives an easy surface to rest along the side of the cake.

417-1648     $9.99

Cut-N-Spin Rotating Cutting Board

Turn as you cut to create gum paste and fondant shapes conveniently!              Hand wash.   12 x 12 in.

409-2561         $19.99


Flower Drying Rack

Dry and shape all sizes of flowers and leaves on waved, space-saving, elevated rack.

1907-1362         $14.99

Flower Forming Cups

Curved round shape is ideal for drying gum paste, fondant and royal icing flowers and leaves.  Openings in bottom center make it easy to pull wires through and adjust for the perfect drying position.  Includes 2.5 and 3 in. diameter cups fro drying everything from simple blossoms and briar roses to large daisies.   Set/6.

1907-118         $5.49


Fondant Shaping Foam

Thick, medium and thin squares are the ideal soft surface for shaping flowers, leaves and other fondant or gum paste cutouts.  Use the thin and medium square for thinning petal edges with a ball tool, carving vein lines on leaves and making ruffled fondant strips.  Use the thick square for cupping flower centers.  Each square is 4 x 4 in.;   thin is .0625 in. high;   medium is .125 in. high;   thick is .5 in. high.    Set/3

1907-9704        $3.29  



Three detachable wheels - straight, wavy, and ridged - for cutting and for embossing of patterns on fondant.  Light, easy-rolling design cuts at the perfect angle.  Comfortable handle also stores wheels.

1907-1206         $ 4.99

Wheel Embosser

Add detail quickly.  Includes two easy-to-remove wheels;  each has three embossing designs; Six patterns: dash, bead, zigzag and wavy, stitch and dot. Roller handle with easy-button release and comfortable grip.           1907-1355        $9.99

Cake Marker

Mark cake sides for perfect placement of accents or borders.  With Three adjustable marker pins that snap into place and slide along the ruler edge.  It's a breeze to mark sections.  Great for placing Sugar Sheets! borders and shapes in exactly the spot you want!  Plastic.  6.75 in. high x 2 5/8 in. wide.

409-2545        $5.99

Icing Comb Set

Includes 3 icing combs with two patterns on each comb for a total       ofp 6 designs.  Comfortable hand grip is molded in.   Sized specifically for standard cake heights.   Combs snap together for easy storage.

417-1154        $14.99

Decorator Preferred Carry-All Tote

Removable side compartments divide the tote into 3 sections for separation of supplies. Designed to hold the Tip, Color and Tool Organizers. Internal padded pockets designed for holding a tablet (iPad), as well as design inspiration and writing  utensils.     Outer zipped pockets for car keys and cell phone - the decorator on the go.  Zippers on either side of the bag can be unzipped to completely fold open the bag for thorough cleaning.  Made of a grease-proof material for easy clean ability.    409-3076    $39.99


Confectionery Tool Set

Invaluable tools for shaping, imprinting, and stenciling - helping you achieve lifelike confectionery flowers.  Ideal for marking patterns in fondant cakes, shaping marzipan fruits.  Includes plastic Dog bone, Umbrella, Shell, Ball, and Veining tools.   43-6195     $9.99

Deluxe Brush Set

Quality nylon bristles in wide and narrow shapes give you exceptional control when brushing flowers and leaves with Wilton Pearl Dust and Color Dust.  Brushes are also ideal for attaching shapes using gum glue adhesive, striping decorating bags with color and more.   Set/7.

1907-1112        $8.99


Water Brush

Just fill with water and brush to attach fondant and gum paste decorations.   Perfect for rehydrating your Sugar Sheets! if they become dry.  7 x .75 in.   

1907-1111      $7.99


Cutters and Molds

Fondant Ribbon Cutter/Embosser Set

Just choose the cutting and embossing wheel designs you want, slide the washer core, wheels and spacers on the roller handle, and roll on the fondant.  Produces ribbon widths from 1/4 in. to 3 3/4 in. when combining spacers.  Complete set includes: eight embossing wheels, nine spacers; nine cutting wheels; roller handle with detachable core;  assembly hardware.   Set/26.   1907-1203     $16.49

Fondant Decorative Punch Set                                                                                                Punch out fondant accents with elegant openwork shapes.  As you punch, the disk imprints a detailed design that add a pretty touch of texture.  The comfortable angled handle holds eight design disks.  Disks turn to lock into place.      Set/9.       1907-1204         $9.99 
Ribbon Cutter                                                                                                                           Cut a variety of ribbon widths and designs in fondant and gum paste.  Includes: Three spacers: 1 in., 1/2 in. and 1/4 in.  Four cutting wheels: straight, wavy and zigzag.  Two locks: ensures wheels and spacers do not shift.  Roller handle with easy-button release and comfortable grip.  Storage case keeps all parts together for easy storage.   Set/25.    1907-1019      $29.99



Cut 12 designs per set! Each cut-out has a straight edge and a crinkled edge.  Plus, with six graduated sizes, you can make intricately layered details with two edge finishes for any fondant cake.    Set/6.  
Each set is $5.99.  

Square    417-2582     Cutouts range from approx. 5/16 in.     to 2 7/8 in. Round   417-2581  Cutouts range from approx. 7/8 in    to 2 13/16.    Heart    417-2588     Cutouts range from approx. 7/8" to 3".  
Star     417-2584   Cutouts   range from approx. 15/16 in.   to 2 3/4 in. Blossom   417-2586  Cutouts range from approx. 7/8 in    to 2 13/16 in.   Oval      417-2583      Cutouts      range from approx. 7/8 in to      2 1/4 in.  
Leaf     417-2585    Cutouts         range from approx. 1/2 in to     2 1/4 in.  
Alphabet/Number  417-2589 $15.99      set/40 Daisies     417-439       Durable Plastic     set/3  
Crinkle Shapes      417-444 $3.79        set/4 Fancy Shapes     417-445  $3.79       set/4 Garden Shapes    417-443 $3.79       set/4


Gum Paste & Fondant Molds

Create amazing detail quickly with our theme-look molds!  Mats contain detailed impression areas,       which imprint texture and dimension on gum paste or fondant shapes.   Reverse side is used for            rolling out and cutting gum paste.     Each is $9.99                         

Fabric Designs

Four buttons, two button flowers, bow, rick-rack, small, medium and large ribbons.


Nature Designs 

Four branches, two birds, leaf chain, flower chain, small, medium & large blossoms and small, medium & large leaves.

Kids Party Designs


Sea Life Designs




Punch Set w/Oval Insert

Start with the punch set and oval insert and collect additional inserts to add to the fun.  To cut, position your insert in the punch base, place your edible sheet and evenly press down on top of the punch.  For food use only.

1907-1120        $14.99

Additional inserts:     $5.99            Scalloped Heart    1907-1012         Daisy             1907-1013                  Butterfly        1907-1014                  Sunburst         1907-1015              Spiral             1907-9702                  Leaf               1907-9703

Cutting Insert Sets

Layered Hearts      1907-1121            Layered Circles     1907-1122            Layered Flowers   1907-1123            Layered Starts      1907-1125            

Each a set of 3.       $14.99

Border Punch Set w/ Scallop Cutting Insert

Start with the border punch set with base and scallop cutting insert and collect additional inserts to add to the fun.  Silicone cap holds plastic top and bottom inserts together for easy storage and protects the cutting blade.          For food use only.

1907-1127          $14.99

Additional Cutting Inserts        $5.99

Lace          1907-1128           Waves       1907-1129          Flowers      1907-1131                   Diamonds   1907-1130                    Hearts        1907-1132                  Bubbles      1907-1133 

Rotary Cutter

So easy to control with an ergonomic, soft-grip handle and smooth, easy-cutting stainless steel blade.  Protective blade cover included.  Blade removes for hand washing.  For food use only.  4 in. high x 1.75 in. wide.

1907-1119         $5.99


Letters & Numbers

Fill molds with a 50/50 gum paste and fondant blend, press and smooth w/tool included and release.  Includes 11 mold sheets with 52 alphabet molds (upper & lower case A-Z,) 3 punctuation marks and 10 numeral molds, stainless steel smoothing/releasing tool, modeling instructions.    Set/13.

2104-3070             $21.99


Edible Markers

Food Writer Edible Markers

Use edible markers to add fun and dazzling color to countless foods.  Decorate on Wilton Cookie Icing, fondant, color flow and royal icing designs.  Brighten everyday foods, like toaster pastries, cheese, fruit slices, bread and more.   Each set includes five .07 oz. Food Writer pens.   Certified Kosher.      $8.49



Sugar Sheets

The quick and easy way to add colorful details to cakes and desserts- even if you've never decorated before!  Use edible, flexible Sugar Sheets! to cut or punch virtually any shape or border design.  There's no preparation, no mess.  Just peel, punch or cut and place your decorations in minutes. Great colors and patterns to choose from.  Sugar Sheets! bring the fun and versatility of paper crafting to your cakes.  Sugar Sheets!  have a light, sweet flavor that works with buttercream or fondant-covered treats.    Certified Kosher.    8-11 in. long.     $3.99



Black Alphabet         710-2944                             

Zebra Print       710-2943            
Bright Yellow           710-2947
Bright Pink               710-2952
Bright Blue               710-2956 
Bright Green            710-2947
Red                         710-2953
Purple                     710-2949 
Black                       710-2961  
White                     710-2960
Gold Shimmer          710-2924
Silver Shimmer         710-2925


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