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You can make Halloween even more eventful by making candies or cakes to match your Halloween theme.  Please browse the sampling below.  If you can not find what you need, please check the bottom of each page for contact information.  Prices are subject to increase without notice.  To place an order, please contact via e-mail or telephone.

Cake Pans  Decorator Icing Items Color Mist
Candy Molds   Cookie Cutters  Stencils
Party Bags   Cellophane Bags Baking Cups  
Icing Decorations Halloween Picks Confetti  
Sprinkles Non-Pareils Sanding Sugars

Cake Pans

Jack-o-Lantern Pan

Designed for quick easy decorating.   Also ideal for crisped rice cereal treats, molded gelatin, bread dough and more.    One-mix pan is 11.75 x 11.2 x   2 in. deep.   Aluminum.    

2105-2059        $7.99      

Multi-Cavity Pumpkin Pan

Heavyweight cast aluminum conducts heat extremely evenly.  Premium non-stick surface for easy release and clean up.    Finished cakes 3.4 x 3.4 in.    5 cup total capacity.   Aluminum.

2105-1183     $30.99

3-D Skull Pan

Heavyweight cast aluminum conducts heat extremely evenly.  Premium non-stick surface for easy release and clean up.  Finished cake 6.5 x 5.5 x 7.5 in., 10-cup total capacity.

2105-1181          $34.99



Pumpkin Pie Pan

Holds one 15 oz. can of pumpkin pie filling.  Use for apple, peach and cherry pies, too!  Ideal for ready to bake crusts.  9 x 1.5 in. deep.   Aluminum.

2105-3970            $8.49

Silicone Mini Leaf/Pumpkin Mold

Freezer, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher safe.    Oven safe to 500 degrees F.   One mix makes 20-24 cakes.   Six cavities, each 2.6 x 2.5 x 1.5 in. deep.

2105-4874          $9.99


Decorator Icing Items

Decorating Icing Tubes

The same high quality as our Ready-to-Use Icings, in a convenient tube.  Create flowers, borders and more.  Ideal for small areas of color on character cakes.  Use with the Tip set or Coupler Ring Set and any standard size tip (not included).  Colors match Wilton Icing Colors.   4.25 oz.   Certified Kosher.     $2.29   

Red                    704-218
Violet                 704-242
Yellow                704-236 
Orange               704-212 
Pink                   704-230
Royal Blue           704-248
Leaf Green          704-224
Kelly Green         704-227
Chocolate           704-254
White                 704-200
Black                   704-200


Decorating Gels

Add colorful highlights to your decorating with these transparent gels.   Create a beautiful stained-glass effect and add distinctive writing and printing.  Great for cakes and cookies.  Colors match Wilton Icing Colors.    Certified Kosher.                        .75 oz.            $1.79

Red                     704-318                   
Pink                    704-330
Violet                  704-342
Yellow                 704-336
Orange                 704-312
Royal Blue            704-348
Kelly Green          704-324
Brown                  704-354
White                  704-302
Black                    704-306


Sparkle Gel

Make your cake decorations more dynamic!  Squeeze on sparkling color effects.  Great for dots, messages, water effects and fondant accents.  Resealable  3.5 oz. tubes.         Certified Kosher.      $2.99


Icing Writer

Squeeze colorful accents onto fondant and Wilton Cookie Icing with this ready-to-use icing!   It's easy to control, just squeeze the bottle and icing flows smoothly from the built-in round tip.  Dries to a smooth satin finish.    3 oz. bottle.    Certified Kosher.     $2.99


Color Mist

This easy to use spray gives decorators the versatility and dazzling effects of an airbrush in a convenient can!  Creates a rainbow of excitement for so many desserts. Use it to transform a plain iced cake with sensational color, add splashes of holiday color to iced cookies and cupcakes. Great for party desserts - highlighting whipped cream topping, or ice cream with color.  No mess, taste-free formula; add a little color or a lot.     Certified Kosher.   1.5 oz. can    $3.79

Available colors are:                                                                            

Red                 710-5500
Blue                710-5501
Yellow             710-5502
Green              710-5503 
Violet              710-5504
Pink                710-5505
Black               710-5506  
Orange             710-5507



Candy Molds

(Please see the other holiday sections and the candy section for additional molds.)                  All candy molds are $2.00 each unless listed differently.

Pumpkins                  2115-1558       $1.99

Pumpkin Harvest Pretzel    2115-1420        $1.99


3-D Eyeballs                             1 design, 10 cavities.         2115-1422     $1.99 Witch Fingers                             2 designs, 6 cavities.      2115-1616     $1.99
3-D Skulls                                1 design, 8 cavities.  2115-1421    $1.99 3-D Tombstones         2115-1415     $1.99


Skeleton Bones                              2115-1424            $1.99 Bat Candy Pick                      2115-1423             $1.99


Mummies Pretzel               2115-1783       $1.99 Skeleton Fingers Pretzel               1 design, 6 cavities.        2115-1418     $1.99


Assorted Halloween                        6 designs, 36 cavities        H-44          Pumpkins                                 18 cavities     90-3004 


Pumpkin Lollipop                 H-88           

Jack-O-Lantern Lollipop         90-3236      


Jack-O-Lantern Lollipop               4 cavities       H003       

Jack-O-Lantern Lollipop                 H004          4 cavities     


Jack-O-Lanterns                           12 cavities         H008        Pumpkin Lollipop              668      


Small Pumpkin Box         H48          Large Pumpkin Box        H54        


Cat/Pumpkin Pretzel        H-108           

Ghost Pretzel         H-112         


Ghost with Broom         90-3258        

 Skulls         90-3612 

Bat Lollipop                               5 cavities     H083    Skull Sucker                                   90-3262        2 1/4"


Pumpkin Cookie Mold       1609         Boo Cookie Mold           1615          

Fill half way, Place in cookie, Fill to top.  Four cavities on each mold, 2 in. diameter x 5/8 in. 


Hard Candy Molds

All hard candy molds are $2.50 each unless listed differently.

2 1/2" Jack-o-Lantern Sucker 8H-3236       1"  Pumpkin                                  8H-3004   
Bat Sucker                           8H-3247 Jack-O-Lantern                             8H-3001


Cookie Cutters

Comfort Grip Cutters

Easy grip stainless steel cutter with extra deep sides.  Great for cutting, cushioned plastic grip gives comfortable control.  Recipe included. 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 1 1/2 in. deep.   $3.19 each.

Oak Leaf           2310-633    

Pumpkin     2310-600           Maple Leaf    2310-632   

Bat                                2310-661       

Ghost                  2310-607      Witch's Hat                                 2310-630   Tombstone                  2310-599           


4-pc. Grippy Cutter Set

Safe, easy cutting, with a comfortable grip and deep plastic sides.  Four shapes include cat, ghost, pumpkin and bat. approx.  3.5 in.   Set/4

2311-257     $4.49


Leaves and Acorns Nesting Metal Cutter Set

(3 each) Graduated acorns, oak and maple leaves.     1 3/4" to 3 3/4"       Recipe included.    2308-2000         $6.29  set of 9


Harvest Mini Metal Cutter Set

Six shapes; pumpkin, apple, maple leaf, oak leaf, elm leaf, and acorn.  Recipe included.  Each shape is approximately 1 1/2 in.     2308-1217      $3.29  set of 6


Halloween Linzer Cutters

The cutter has 6 interchangeable center shapes - pumpkin, owl, bat, cat, witch hat and ghost - that let the  cookie filling show through.        Approx. 3".      Set/6/

2308-0920           $7.99


All of the cookie cutters shown here are $0.99 unless listed differently.

3" Pumpkin        3321     3" Pumpkin    1190   3" Apple      3329         
3 1/2" Oak Leaf    1388 3" Maple Leaf     3407      Mini Maple Leaf  2463 4" Apple       1280    


3 1/2" Elm Leaf     1283   3 1/2" Pin Oak   1288 3 1/2" Acorn  


3" Ghost       3416       3"  Scary Cat       3432       3" Bat          3378      


2" Spider        54-20502                  4" Spider Web                   54-20514 3 1/2" Cauldron (Pot of Gold)      1166
4 3/4"   Witch                    1195 3 1/2"   Skull/Crossbones   0931      



Turn plain treats into autumn sensations with a stenciled Autumn or Halloween design.  Place one of the fun designs over your baked treat, then sprinkle with glitter or colored sugars, or spray with Color Mist Food Color Spray.   Five designs.

Autumn Cupcake and Cookie Stencils            417-495          $2.19 Halloween Cupcake and Cookie Stencils         417-499           $2.19

Party Bags

Colorful Autumn/Halloween designs for candy and cookie treats.  Plastic bags with ties included.    4 x 9 1/2 in.  Package of 20 each.    $2.09

Autumn Leaves      1912-1430   Harvest     1912-1288        Spooky Ghosts    1912-1040       Boo! Scary!    1912-1225


Cellophane Bags

Ghost  - 25 per package

65-321       1/2 lb        $2.49            65-371       1lb.           $2.99


Halloween Pumpkin  - 25 per package

65-319     1/2 lb.  $2.49                    65-369     1 lb.     S2.99



Baking Cups

Microwave safe paper.  Standard Cups are packs of 75. Mini cups are packs of 100.                     $2.09 a package.

Leaves            Standard   415-431          Mini         415-433 Harvest              Standard     415-2160   Mini           415-417 Polka Dot Pumpkin               Standard       415-1114    Mini              415-1116          


Happy Haunters         Standard        415-961           Mini               415-962      Boo! Scary!      Standard      415-1709   Mini             415-1710
Haunted Manor                  
Standard      415-1114             Mini             415-1116
Skulls & Scrolls                       Standard      415-1267                 Mini             415-1268
Ghoul Gourmet                         Standard       415-0288 Ghoul Gourmet                       Mini     415-0289


Icing Decorations

Sugar-flavored edible shapes.  Certified Kosher.  Perfect for topping cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream.  Mint-flavored. 

Pumpkin Face               710-7200                        $2.29  pkg./12 Royal Icing Skull         710-1082     $5.99 pkg./12 Spiders and Bats                          710-187     $2.29 pkg./10


Halloween Picks

Iridescent Leaf Pick                2357        $0.20 Pumpkin or Acorn Pick  11218       $0.20
Pumpkin Picks     H-60    $0.20 Bat Picks      H-13       $0.20 Ghost Picks      H-77      $0.20
Halloween Fun Rings              $0.20 Finger or Eye Pick      5676      $0.20

Spider Rings          SR-574        $0.20



All confetti is $1.75 for 3 oz. unless marked differently.

Halloween Assortment Black Bats
Orange Pumpkins White Ghosts 
Autumn Leaves Halloween Mix
Wilton Skull Sprinkles                710-2115        $4.49 Wilton Bug Sprinkles                             710-2116           $4.49



In addition to the following colors of sprinkles, please check out the Candy Topping section on the Candy page for more colors.    $1.99 - 8 oz.

Brown Orange Black


Yellow Orange & Brown Mix Orange, Brown & Yellow Mix



In addition to the following colors of non-pariels, please check out the Candy Topping section on the Candy page for more colors.    $1.99 - 8 oz.

No Picture Available
Orange Black Yellow Orange & Black  Mix


Sanding Sugars

In addition to the following colors of sugar, please check out the Candy Topping section on the Candy page for more colors.    $1.99 - 8 oz.

Orange Yellow Black


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