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With our Icing Mixes and Icing in a Tube, you will be able to put the finishing touches on your cake.  Please browse our sampling below.  There is a large selection of edible glitter, sanding sugar, sprinkles, etc. in the candy section.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you would like to place an order, please use the contact information found at the bottom of each page.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Icing Mixes  Icing In a Tube  Color Mist Icing 
Cookie Icing Flavorings FoodWriter
Fondant Baking Accessories Stencils

 Icing & Icing Mixes

Ready-To-Use Decorator Icings

Wilton makes the only ready-to-use icing that is the perfect consistency for decorating.  The pure white color is best for creating true vivid colors using Wilton icing colors.  Rich and creamy, with a delicious homemade taste.     Certified Kosher.              

One can covers two 8 or 9 in. layers or one  9 x 13 in. cake.  1 lb. can/stiff consistency - great for making roses, etc.      White       710-118       $3.79    

Also available is the 4 1/2 lb. tub.   Thin to medium consistency-great for icing cakes, making borders, writing and more.  Contains 9 cups.   Certified Kosher.         White     704-680      $17.99



Whipped Icing Mix

Just add ice water and it whips up velvety-smooth for icing or decorating.  Light and delicate vanilla flavor.     Certified Kosher Dairy.  Makes 5 cups.

710-1241       $5.99



Butter Cream Icing Mix

This convenient mix has the delicious taste and creamy texture of homemade butter cream icing - enough to ice a 1-layer  8 in. cake.  You can use this mix just as you would your favorite butter cream recipe.         Makes 1 1/2 - 2 cups.   Certified Kosher Dairy.    710-112      $3.99


Color Flow Mix

Create dimensional flow-in designs for your cake.  Just add water and confectioners' sugar.   Certified Kosher.   4 oz. can makes ten 1 1/2 cup batches.

701-47       $8.99


Piping Gel

Pipe designs and messages or glaze cakes before icing.  User clear or tint with icing color.    

8 oz.         $3.50                                                16 oz.       $6.25

The piping gel we have is not from Wilton.


Meringue Powder

Primary ingredient for royal icing.  Adds body to meringue, boiled icing and stabilizes butter cream.  Replaces egg white in many recipes. Resealable top opens completely for  easy measuring.  4 oz. can makes 5 recipes of royal icing;  8 oz. can  makes 10 recipes.  Certified kosher. 

4 oz. can    702-6007     $5.99 8 oz. can        702-6015          $8.99


Gum Paste Mix

Just add water and knead.  Workable, pliable dough-like mixture molds into beautiful flowers and figures.  1 lb.   Certified Kosher.

707-124      $6.99


Makes fondant and gum paste pliable, elastic, easy to shape.  Plastic resealable lid.  Certified Kosher.

6 oz.      707-117        $8.49


Stir into dried-out fondant, gum paste and icing color to restore consistency.    2 oz.   Certified Kosher.  

708-14       $2.29


Essential ingredient for making fondant and gum paste from scratch.  Use with Wilton Gum-Tex.    8.5 oz.    Certified Kosher.

707-2598      $4.49


Icing in a Tube

The same high quality as our Ready-to-Use Icings, in a convenient tube.  Create flowers, borders and more.  Ideal for small areas of color on character cakes.  Use with the Tip set or Coupler Ring Set and any standard size tip (not included).  Colors match Wilton  Icing Colors.   4.25 oz.    Certified Kosher.     $2.29  (See Holiday section for more colors.)                                
Red                    704-218
Violet                 704-242
Yellow                704-236 
Orange               704-212 
Pink                   704-230
Royal Blue           704-248
Leaf Green          704-224
Kelly Green         704-227
Chocolate           704-254
White                 704-200
Black                   704-200
Decorating Gels

Add colorful highlights to your decorating with these transparent gels.  Create a beautiful stained-glass effect and add distinctive writing and printing.  Great for cakes and cookies.   .75 oz.   Certified Kosher.    $1.79

Red               704-318
Pink               704-330
Violet             704-342
Yellow            704-336
Orange            704-312
Royal Blue        704-348
Kelly Green      704-324
Brown             704-354
White             704-302
Black               704-306
Striped Icing Tubes

Create fun 2-color decorations in colors perfect for the season.   Tubes can be used with our Tip and Nail Set or Coupler Ring Set and Wilton metal tips.  The larger sized star, petal or leaf tips optimize the two-tone effect.      4.25 oz.     $2.49

Red/White            704-203                  Pink/Lavender       704-217



Sparkle Gel

Make your cake decorations more dynamic!  Squeeze on sparkling color effects.  Great for dots, messages, water effects and fondant accents.  Resealable 3.5 oz. tubes.    Certified Kosher.      $2.99


Icing Writer

Squeeze colorful accents onto fondant and Wilton Cookie Icing with this ready-to-use icing!   It's easy to control, just squeeze the bottle and icing flows smoothly from the built-in round tip.  Dries to a smooth satin finish.    3 oz. bottle.   Certified Kosher.     $2.99


Attach Wilton standard size metal tips onto Wilton tube icings to create any technique.   418-47306  Set/4   $1.99

Tips easily twist onto Wilton tube icings to create many decorating techniques.  Includes star, round, leaf and petal tips, flower nail.   418-47300  Set/5   $1.99



Color Mist

This easy to use spray gives decorators the versatility and dazzling effects of an airbrush in a convenient can!  Creates a rainbow of excitement for so many desserts. Use it to transform a plain iced cake with sensational color, add splashes of holiday color to iced cookies and cupcakes. Great for party desserts - highlighting whipped cream topping, or ice cream with color.  No mess, taste-free formula; add a little      color or a lot.     Certified Kosher.   1.5 oz. can    $3.79

Available colors are:                                                                              

Red                 710-5500
Blue                710-5501
Yellow             710-5502
Green              710-5503 
Violet              710-5504
Pink                710-5505
Black               710-5506  
Orange             710-5507


New Color Mist Colors

Gold                710-5520

Silver              710-5521

Pearl               710-5522

$4.29 each



Cookie Icing

Cookie Icing

Use this quick-setting, microwavable icing to cover your cookies with a smooth finish - perfect for decorating with Wilton Icing Writer accents!  Just heat and squeeze onto cookies using the convenient cap.  Sets smooth in just 1 hour.   10 oz. bottle covers about  12  (3 in.) cookies.   Certified Kosher.    

White          704-481         $4.99




Stir into dried out icing color to restore consistency.  Certified Kosher. 2 oz.

708-14        $1.99




No-Color Flavorings

These delicious flavors won't change your icing color.  Essential for making pure white icings for wedding cakes and maintaining vibrant colors in all your decorating.  Certified Kosher.                         


Clear Vanilla Extract 2 oz.         604-2237            $1.99 
8 oz.         604-2269            $4.99 
No-Color Butter Flavor             2 oz.         604-2040            $1.99                        8 oz.         604-2067            $4.99
No-Color Almond Extract        2 oz.         604-2126            $1.99


FoodWriter Edible Color Markers

FoodWriter Edible Color Markers

Use edible markers to add fun and dazzling color to countless foods.  Decorate on Wilton Cookie Icing, fondant, color flow and royal icing designs.  Brighten everyday foods like toaster pastries, cheese, fruit slices, bread and more.  Each set includes five .07 oz. FoodWriter pens.   Certified Kosher.      $8.49



Ready to use Rolled Fondant!  Fondant has never been more convenient and fun for decorating.  With Wilton Ready-to-Use Rolled Fondant, the color is already mixed in for a no kneading, no mess, no guesswork.  The 24 oz. (1 1/2 lb.) package, available in pastel colors, covers an 8 in. 2-layer cake plus decorations.  Certified Kosher.  (See also fondant tools and cut outs in decorating essentials section.)    CHECK OUT THE FONDANT ESSENTIALS PAGE FOR MORE FONDANT AND FONDANT TOOLS!


24 oz. (1 1/2 lb) Package               710-2076        $7.29



Fondant Multi Packs - Convenient four-pouch assortments of primary, neon, pastel, or natural colors are perfect for making multi-colored decorations.  The color is already  mixed in..... no kneading, no mess, no guesswork.  Great for flowers, borders, and fun shapes.  The 17.6 oz. package contains four 4.4 oz. packs.  Certified Kosher.    $11.99.

Primary Colors          710-445                Green, Red, Yellow, Blue    $11.99 Neon Colors           710-446             Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink     $11.99

Pastel Colors        710-447                        Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green    $11.99 Natural Colors         710-448                Lt. Brown, Dk. Brown, Pink, Black      $11.99


Satin Ice Rolled Fondant

2 lb.  White                  $15.99                     2 lb.  Dark Chocolate     $19.99                     2 lb.  Ivory                    $17.99                     2 lb.  Red                      $19.99                     2 lb.  Black                    $19.99                  

5 lb.   White                  $33.99                    5 lb.   Dark Chocolate     $35.99                   

A lot of other colors are available in both sizes, however I do not have them in stock.   They can be ordered but please allow about  3 - 4 weeks.


Baking Accessories

Bake Easy!  Non-Stick Spray

For cakes that turn out beautifully every time, start by spraying pans with Bake Easy.  This convenient non-stick spray helps your cakes release perfectly with fewer crumbs for easier icing and a flawless decorated cake.  Just a light, even coating does the job.  Use Bake Easy for all mixes and recipes - cupcakes, brownies, breads, and more.  Versatile for all types of baking and cooking.

6 oz.       702 - 6018      $3.49


Cake Release

No need to grease and flour your baking pan - Cake Release coats in one step.  Simply spread Cake Release lightly on pan bottom and sides with a pastry brush and batter.  Cakes release perfectly without crumbs every time, giving you the ideal surface for decorating.  Convenient dispensing bottle.   8 oz.

702-6016         $3.49



Cake Stencils Variety Pack

Our collection of 4 stencil designs gives you several ways to make birthday and everyday cakes more festive.  Decorating with stencils is so easy - just place on iced cake, then sprinkles with glitter or colored sugars, or use Color Mist food color spray.  Also works beautifully with Wilton rolled fondant - fill in designs with sugars or decorate with edible Food Writer markers.   Includes Happy Birthday, Flower, Swirl and Heart designs.           417-148            $7.99

See the holiday section for more stencils.


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