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We have several of the Wilton Books in stock that will help inspire you for your next celebration.  All of the Wilton Books contain easy to follow instructions that decorators count on.  Please browse our sampling below.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you would like to place an order, please use the contact information found at the bottom of each page.  Prices are subject to change without notice. 

2012 Yearbook of Cake Decorating

Start with our special section, Punch. Cut. Decorate! and see how we made it easier than ever to create that perfect cake or treat.  
Wilton brings the fun and versatility of paper crafting to cake decorating with our new Sugar Sheets!, along with the complete line of shaped punches and inserts to create amazing border and designs.  You will also find more than 230 designs for every occasion.  Discover great theme birthday cakes, colorful holiday treats, etc.    Soft cover.  248 pages.         

1701-2047      $14.99

2012 Pattern Book

Duplicate many of the beautiful cake designs featured in the 2012 Yearbook and on the Wilton website.  Includes over 75 decorating outlines to transfer to your cake.  Easy-to-follow instructions.  

Soft cover, 30 pages of patterns.

408-2012          $9.99



2011 Yearbook of Cake Decorating

This Yearbook is packed with more cake and dessert ideas than ever before!  You'll find more than 240 exciting designs for every occasion.   As always the Yearbook features step-by-step instructions, technique resource guide, complete product section and a website link to more great designs with techniques featured in Wilton Method Cake Decorating Courses.    Soft cover.  240 pages.

1701-3506         $12.99

2011 Pattern Book

Duplicate many of the beautiful cake designs featured in the 2011 Yearbook and on the website.  Includes over 160 decorating outlines to transfer to your cake.   Easy-to-follow instructions.   Soft cover.      48 pages of patterns.

408-2011      $8.99


Cake Decorating Beginner's Guide

With this exciting book, anyone can decorate a fantastic-looking cake the very first time!  Wilton, the #1 name in cake decorating, shows beginners everything they need to know, step-by-step.  The Beginner's Guide makes decorating easy to learn and fun to do for everyone!  It's all in the book:

  • 15 fantastic cake ideas to decorate in 6 steps or less
  • How to bake and ice perfect cakes
  • Step-by-step decorating instructions for stars, rosettes, drop flowers and more
  • How to mix any color icing with ease

Soft cover, 40 pages.      902-1232       $3.99

Candy Making Beginner's Guide                           You'll be amazed at the fantastic candies you can make using this book.  The possibilities are endless.  The Beginner's Guide shows you how, step-by-step, so you will make great-looking candies your very first time.  It's a great new way to add fun to parties and create impressive gifts.  The Beginner's Guide has everything you need to start making candy like a pro:

  • 20 incredible candy ideas - all make in a few easy steps!
  • Easy ways to melt perfectly every time
  • Painting color details in candy
  • How to make classic creme-filled and dipped candies
  • Great gifts and favor ideas

Full color, 40 pages.        902-1231       $3.99


Cupcake Fun Book

Wilton presents today's hottest party dessert like you've never seen it before.  This collection features more than 150 exciting cupcake and treat ideas for all occasions, with complete baking and decorating instructions to make them easy.  Look for many more great cupcake ideas and recipes at www.wilton.com.   Soft cover.  128 pages.

902-795       128 pages       $12.99


Pops! Sweets on a Stick!

Explore the endless possibilities for pops in this sensational new book!  You'll see how easy it is to make traditional treats, like cake, cookies, brownies and cereal treats, stand up to join the celebration.  More than 250 decorating ideas.  This Pops! Book covers all the basics, including recipes for our favorite cake ball pops and sugar cookies on a stick, plus dipping and decorating techniques.  Soft cover.   112 pages.

902-1055     $14.99


Brownie Fun!

This book is packed with more than 140 easy-to-make designs and delicious recipes for brownies and mini treats.  Fun shapes for all occasions.  We'll also show you how to mix, bake and decorate the perfect brownies using the complete line of Wilton brownie products.  Soft cover.   112 pages.     

902-1105       $14.99


Cookie Exchange

This book is filled with ideas to inspire you.  Discover hundreds of festive cookie designs, including a Gallery section with more than 150 easy ideas in six favorite seasonal shapes.  With Wilton Cookie Exchange, you can make it a celebration to look forward to every holiday season!    Soft cover.               96 pages.  

902-1102    $14.99


Celebrate!  with Fondant

It's the first book to feature fondant done the Wilton way--using our exciting cake designs, step-by-step instructions and convenient fondant products.  Celebrate! with Fondant makes fondant cakes easy and fun for everyone.  See how to make more than 40 terrific cakes, along with alternate ways to decorate every design and suggestions for the perfect occasions to serve them.       Soft cover, 120  pages.      902-911         $14.99



Uses of Decorating Tips

Valuable quick reference and idea book for any decorator.  Features five of the most popular decorating tip families and explains what each does.  Shows the versatility of many tips by presenting varied cake designs.     Soft cover, 48 pages.             902-1375      $9.99



Wilton Wedding Cakes - A Romantic Portfolio

Our exciting new collection of tiered cakes make the romantic wedding of every bride's dreams a reality.  A Romantic Portfolio set the bride's imagination free, with 38 exquisite cakes that express love in many ways.  It's all here--beautiful seasonal designs, elegant shapes, classic and contemporary looks.  There is a cake for every taste--along with coordinating ornament, favor suggestions and tiered cake accessories.  A Romantic Portfolio will inspire decorators as well as brides.  Every design includes step-by-step decorating instructions, product checklists and serving amounts.  Used with our comprehensive construction guide, patterns, techniques and recipes, it has everything decorators need to recreate each cake to perfection.  Soft cover,    144 pages.        902-907         $16.99


Wilton Tiered Cakes

If you are planning a wedding, a shower or any big event, Wilton Tiered Cakes will show you the perfect way to top it off.  Experience today's most contemporary looks in reception cakes!  See how exciting it can be to mix up colors on a wedding cake using textured fondant or floral accents.  Find an anniversary cake that's as much fun as a scrapbook, with tiers surrounded by family photos.  Discover creative new construction ideas like our cute teddy bear tower with fondant baby blocks as separators.  It's all here--38 amazing designs--along with complete instructions, techniques, construction and cutting guides, and great Wilton products.     Soft cover, 128 pages.           902-1108         $14.99


The Wilton School - Decorating Cakes

This exciting book presents what Wilton has learned in 70 years of teaching cake decorating, in an easy-to-follow format that reflects today's lifestyles.  Decorating Cakes is designed to appeal to anyone who wants to make great-looking cakes for families and friends.  Soft cover, 116 pages.

902-904       $14.99


  • 30 exciting cakes with complete instructions and product listings.
  • 103 technique instructions, shown step-by-step, including borders, flowers, fondant and more.
  • Helpful recipes, tip chart, serving and cutting charts, glossary of terms.
  • In-depth sections on baking cakes, preparing icing, using decorating tips, cutting, and transporting cakes.
  • Product guide, which shows and explains the equipment and ingredients required for decorating.


Wilton Party Favors

Includes all you need to know about making these favors with ease.   Step-by-step instructions help you complete a party's worth of favors in just a few hours.  A convenient section on favor-making tools and techniques.  Plus information on buying the great Wilton products used to make each design.      Soft cover,  48 pages.             908-119      $15.99      Discontinued.

Sale price is $7.99.


2005 Pattern Book

Duplicate many of the beautiful cake designs featured in the 2005 Yearbook and on the Wilton website.  Includes over 1001decorating outlines to transfer to your cake.  Easy-to-follow instructions.  Soft cover, 60 pages of patterns.

408-2005       $6.99       Discontinued

1999 and 2001 Pattern Books still available.

2007 Pattern Book

Duplicate many of the beautiful cake designs featured in the 2007 Yearbook and on the Wilton website.  Includes over 100 decorating outlines to transfer to your cake.  Easy-to-follow instructions.  

Soft cover, 60 pages of patterns.

408-2007           $7.99       Discontinued



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