Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by Credit Card or Check?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.  Payment must be made before your order will be shipped.

Checks returned for insufficient funds will be subject to a $25.00 charge.

What if my item(s) are incorrect or damaged?

Please notify us within 5 days if you are missing items or items are damaged in your order.  Credit or a replacement will be issued.

Can I return an item?

We do accept returns without prior authorization.  Returns are only accepted on items that are un-used and in saleable condition.  Food products MAY NOT be returned unless it is our error.

Can I have my order shipped?

Yes, we will ship by UPS or USPS.  Shipping charges are based on the weight of the package and destination.

How to Melt Candy Coatings

There are three ways to melt candy coatings.  In all three ways, you must keep your temperature low to prevent candy from overheating.  If overheating occurs, you will need paramount crystals for thinning.  Crystals are not wax, it is made of the same base as the coating and will not change the flavor of your candy.  Coatings will melt at 112 degrees.

  1. Double Boiler Method:  Put candy in top of double boiler over water on very low heat on the stove, stirring occasionally.  DO NOT LET THE WATER BOIL!!!  This causes overheating and your candy will start to get thick instead of melting.
  2. Electric Frying Pan Method:   Put candy in bowl.  Set bowl in water in the pan over low heat.  Stir occasionally.  You can test the temperature of the water by putting your fingers in the water.  If the water is too hot to keep your fingers in the water comfortably, it is too hot for the candy.
  3. Microwave Method:  NEVER USE FULL POWER TO MELT CANDY!!!   Put candy in plastic or microwave safe bowl.  Glass is not recommended because it retains the heat and will cause your candy to overheat.  Microwave on half power or less for two minutes.  Remove and stir.  Return candy to microwave on 40% for one to two minutes.  Remove and stir.  Use thirty seconds intervals until candy is melted.

DO NOT OVERHEAT!!!  If your candy overheats, it becomes thick instead of melting.  Paramount crystals can be added to thin it out.

DO NOT ADD WATER OR MILK!!!  This will make your candy hard and you cannot bring it back.